Welcome and greetings!

Thank you for your interest in the Awesome Chicks of Etsy!

We are comprised of Etsy sellers usually found via Etsy chat, or on Twitter. The purpose of the blog is to help promote, entertain and assist members and followers in the Etsy portion of their lives.It's entirely up to you how involved you become. There are no fees for participation but regular participation is expected just so we know you are still out there and interested. The members keep in touch and share information at the Google Group on a regular basis and participate in group decisions regarding the path of the Chicks.

Roosters are welcome!

To become a member just apply to be a member at the Google group! You will be sent an e-mail with more information about us and details on what you can do to participate. Feel free to participate in the initiation by sending a "jammie photo" to be posted to this blog, a little silly is always welcome here.


This blog is not affiliated with Etsy Inc. The Awesome Chicks of Etsy logo was created by the blog owner and is not to be distributed without consent. I totally made it myself dudes, cute huh? The chicken herself is the property of the blog owners parents and she lays really great blue eggs. Her name is Chiquita and she is our mascot. (She's the best one, the runt of the "litter" and the quickest.)

Baby photo above (awwww, how cute!)

Adult photo below (she's a skeptical hen)____________________________________
Initiation: You can find many of the members in Etsy chat or twittering, much of the time. Working in ones jammies, staying up late, twittering and chatting it up online. We would love a photo of your chattwittery self, in your jammies (please be respectable) that will be posted on this blog. I'm easy about the photos, heck, put some silly socks on (cause I know you have them) and take a foot shot. It is you in your jammies after all :)


Jules said...

OK chickie! (tee-hee, I couldn't resist) here's my pic on my blog for ya....http://whimsicalpeacockstudio.blogspot.com/2009/01/awesome-chicks-of-etsy.html

Link my blog: http://whimsicalpeacockstudio.blogspot.com
and my etsy store:

Yay! I love this! I hope some ROOSTERS join too! LOL.

Creative Minds said...

Here is a link to my blog:

I also have a button that you can get from there. :)


Julia Catherine said...

I love chickens.. seriously. Those are some hot ones right there! So whats the deal with this? is it a group? a street Team? I would love more info.. Someone shoot me an email!! juliacatherinejewelry@gmail.com

Ripper Arts said...

My hubby just snapped a pic of me right now in my mis-matched jammies in front of my notebook browsing THIS blog! I found this blog via Julia Catherine. http://ripperarts.etsy.com http://ripperarts.blogspot.com

The Pear Project said...

Do my yoga pants count? That's the usual Etsy outfit ;)

Licia said...

Sure! Those are totally sleepable :) I wear boring gray sweats.

magicmarkingsart said...

I am so new to all of this, that I'm still in the day-to-day learning process. I have a link to Awesome, but not sure how to become a "real" chick. Then I'll have to decide if I really want to show myself in my footie jammies :)
Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated~don't be a chicken!
My blogsite is http://magicmarkingsart.blogspot.com/

Licia said...

magicmarkingsart, if you are interested, just send us an e-mail and you can get more information and join in. AwesomeChicksofEtsy (at) gmail.com

Christine said...

Just sent you an e-mail about the Chick Challenge. I have some chicks I'm working on, the next step is painting them. You can see photos of them pre-color at my blog, http://lillybugblog.com