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New to Etsy or online selling? Maybe you want to delve a little deeper into building success and have no idea how... Following are the links to the most informative and handy posts thus far.

What is Project Wonderful? Learn about online blog advertising and how it can help you build your business.

Online salesmanship, or saleswomanship: Market your product to show it off

Sneak up and buy! Learn about Sneak Attack and the wonderful people who support other online sellers in a unique way.

What is branding? Do I need a logo? Be seen, be recognized and develop your online business brand.

Etsy Hacks : Want to see who has purchased from you before easily? Maybe see their transactions next to a "convo" so you know what is going on... EtsyHacks has some outstanding features for you, but you have to run firefox. It's free, and it's good, get both!

Featured Chick: randomcreative

Randomcreative or Rose, as I am sure she is known to her friends and family, joined the Awesome Chicks way back in January. She comes to us from North Liberty Iowa and teaches K-4 special education.

Following is a little more about her:

Your etsy shop: randomcreative

Do you have a blog or Twitter?
A blog: . I don't have Twitter...yet anyway haha.
Do you belong to any Etsy teams? Etsy Beadweavers

Where is your studio space? Primarily my living room.

How did you discover Etsy? From a friend who knows an Etsy seller.

What do you sell? Bead woven and button jewelry.

How did you begin creating? I got inspired by some bead woven pieces that I saw in the Amana Colonies over the summer.

Why do you enjoy creating? I have a job that does not involve tangible results. Some days feel more successful than others, but it's hard to measure that success. I enjoy having hobbies that involve results that I can see.

How long does it take you to create a piece? Anywhere between a half hour and 6 hours.

When do you do most of your creating? At night and on the weekends.

Any tips or advice you can give others who are new to Etsy? Promote as much as you can on and off of Etsy. Start a blog for your Etsy related endeavors. Post on the Etsy forums and participate in other areas of Etsy like the chat rooms and treasuries.

What do you do to promote your shop? My blog, flickr, Etsy chat rooms, Etsy forums, business cards, word of mouth, Facebook.

What is your favorite part of being a member of Etsy? Finding other people who enjoy similar passions.

How do you balance your business work with creating and home life? I struggle to find time for all of it around working full-time, but I do the best I can with what time I have.

Any organization tips? Haha not really!

What inspires you? I get inspiration from color combinations that I see in all sorts of random places. I love browing my Etsy favorites and favorite sellers for inspiration, too.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops other than your own? I have lots! My two favorites are and .

Check out her shop here and see her entry in the July Etsy Beadweavers "Here comes the bride" challenge!

Honey! A Yart Sale! Let's stop!

A what? A Yart Sale.

The term Yart is an artistic spin on the traditional yard sale: Art + Yard Sale = Yart Sale! It's sponsored by Etsy Supply Street Team and goes from Wednesday, June 10 through Sunday, June 14, 2009.

Several Awesome Chicks of Etsy members are having one, and you really should stop by!
Happy Cloud Moments
*Up to 30% of selected items in my Yart Sale section
* Free shipping when you purchase any three items. Shipping fees
will be refunded through Paypal.
J n J Designs
*10% OFF AND All Purchases will will receive FREE SHIPPING in the USA and Canada!!!
Stuff by Xtine
During the Yart Sale, all orders over $25 will receive FREE SHIPPING no matter what you buy!
(I'll credit the shipping costs to your PayPal account.)
BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF, or 10% off one item. I have a 'SALE' section where I've lowered all my prices.
These sales can be combined, so if you find 3 items you like you can use the BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF, and the 10% OFF.
My 'SALE' section is not subject to the 10% off, but can be used in the BUY 1 GET 1 50% off!

I heart Etsy Hacks!

There are some fantastically helpful people in the Etsy community who are willing to donate their skills to make Etsy a little easier to navigate. Etsy Hacks (Ian) totally has an Etsy store, as well as a fantastic website where you can download "hacks" to make things easier. You have to use Firefox (not Internet Explorer) to be able to use it, but really, it's better as far as I am concerned anyway.


Lets say you would find it handy to remove a favorite seller (oh no!) and reheart them so they show up at the top of your favorite sellers/items list again, with the click of a button... Yup, they have that.

Maybe you want to see repeat buyers (totally handy, I love this one) on your sold items page.

Heres a good one... Upload all 5 (or however many) photos at one time! Heck yes!

Maybe you want to know why you have 20 earrings, but only 15 are in a section. They have a hack so you can see if you have "unsectioned" items too.

Create a new listing based on an existing listing... got similar items? Feel like the Add new item button could be better? Yup, just copy the whole darn listing and edit where needed!

Chat driving you crazy when it kicks you out of a full room as you check a shop? They have a hack for that so it opens without the kicking you out part :)

Treasury clicking gotcha down because of the slowness? Tired of watching the rainbow mandala? Just press ctrl when you click and they will all open in a new window and you can keep browsing while they open slowly in the background...

There is even a hack so that you can have new hacks show up at the top of your screen. Don't miss out on anything!

Check out all the other fantastic hacks here!
So get Firefox, and then get EtsyHacks!

Vegan and worldwide with Indie Craft Samples!

Following is a guest article from Awesome chick: HolisticallyHeather

Looking for a way to promote your shop/craft around the world? We are now looking for crafters/artists for our second round of indie craft sample bags!

How does that work? Crafters from around the world send in samples/coupons to us, we put them in beautiful handmade reusable market totes and sell them to folks far and worldwide! Sending samples of your work to people all over the world. Our first round of sample bags sold like hotcakes, so we are planning to make the second one bigger and more craftalicious!

The only requirement other than handmade is that they items are vegan. Wait, before you freak out wondering if you items are vegan, we will tell you that most items are vegan and you don't even know it! It's not as hard as you would think! If you have any questions as to what is acceptable and what is not, please feel free to get in touch! 10% from each bag is given to an animal sanctuary which is voted for right on our blog!

You can get more information/sign up by emailing ecosampler [!at] Also, we have some free ad space available on our blog, and we are always willing to trade ads with people as well.

Please check us out online

Featured Chick: Viridian

Nicki of Viridian joined the Awesome Chicks in January when I had the pleasure of being a customer of hers. She makes these great necklaces (right) and I just had to have one and I still just love it! Anyway, on with the show!

Do you have a blog or Twitter? My blog was abandoned in its early days, but I hope to revive it eventually. I'm just getting involved with Twitter- it's a ton of fun!

Where are you located? Northern Illinois, a coupla hours west of Chicago

Do you belong to any Etsy teams? One very inactive's not doing much for me

Do you have a day job, if so what do you do? I'm a design consultant for a small custom-order furniture store. I *heart* discontinued swatches!

Where is your studio space? Our apartment, for some odd reason, has a bathtub in a small dormer room off the kitchen, totally separate from the bathroom. I've commandeered the rest of the space for my work.

How did you discover Etsy? A thread on Craftster, way back in the day.

What do you sell? Leather flower pins, wallets, fabric bags

How did you begin creating? I've been crafting since I was a wee little one- I can't imagine NOT being creative. It's actually been too long for me to remember how I got started!

Why do you enjoy creating? I just love making beautiful things! I have an entrepreneurial spirit, so selling my pretties when they started piling up was a natural progression.

How long does it take you to create a piece? Usually less than an hour- I have what I refer to as "crafting ADD." I get bored easily with long-term projects!

When do you do most of your creating? In the evenings, and all day long on my days off from my day job!

What is your most popular item in your shop? So far everything seems to get an equal amount of attention. Lately, my leather wallets have been getting snatched up as soon as I list them.

Any tips or advice you can give others who are new to Etsy? Research and learn as much as you can! Look around at your competitors, and adapt your style for a personal twist. And great photos are KEY to selling online- there are tons of resources out there for learning how to take good pics of your work.

What do you do to promote your shop? I hand out business cards, chat when I can, use SocialMarker occasionally (thanks, TimothyAdamsDesign!) and try to list frequently.

What is your favorite part of being a member of Etsy? Honestly? The extra money- the fact that there are people out there that like my work so much that they're willing to pay me for them! That feeling never gets old- I think it's that entrepreneurship I spoke of earlier. It's a great place to have a business.

How do you balance your business work with creating and home life? Um...I fit it in when I can. It's not very well balanced at this time...

Any organization tips? Keep your listed items clean and orderly- if something sells, you don't want to be scrambling around trying to find it!

What inspires you? My materials! I get ideas by pulling out the drawers on my bead caddy and rummaging around until a combination comes to mind, or pawing through a pile of fabric until my hands touch something that says "it's my turn to be a purse."

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops other than your own? Lots! Too many to list here...

What are some future goals that you have pertaining to your Etsy business? Just to grow my business as much as I can- I'm looking forward to that 300th sale, 500th sale, etc... Coming up with new ideas for items in my shop is the hardest thing for me right now- I like my mix the way it is! But evolving and changing is important if I want to succeed.
Check out all the great things at Viridian on Etsy!

What is Branding?

I know that this may not be the "big time" and for some of us who are just looking for a little extra spending money it's not all that important of an income. For others though, this is what they hope will bring in a little extra to live on, or a lot extra to actually earn a living from. It all takes work, and it always takes time.

Branding is a way to make yourself more recognizable, professional, polished and differentiate your shop from the hundreds (thousands?) of others out there. Think of the commercials you watch on TV, or see in print ads. When you see the red dot with a red circle around it, do you know what store that is? What about the "double arches" or the kingly dude who apparently raps about square butts now? Yeah, once you see that, you tend to remember it.

When you go to the store to get shampoo and look down the aisle, do you read the labels to find your shampoo? Nope, you look for the color and shape of the bottles lined up. They all have something unique that makes them stand out among the others.

A buyer also has the option usually, say in the cereal aisle to get the brand name in the fancy box with the athlete or cartoon on the front, or to choose the little bags down below with the usually cheaper price. Which do you choose? If your favorite cereal or brand changes their packaging, can you find it? Does it drive you nuts when they do this?

I brand my items because I want to be easily recognized and hopefully it makes an impression. In addition, some feel that it shows a businesses intention to persist and be around a while. It's an investment in the future of your shop and identifies yourself to others. It is also important to check your fellow sellers and try to stand apart from them as well. Take a look around...

Your brand also signifies everything about how you do business. It's not just your logo, or what you put on your business cards or stick to your packages. Do you have a mission statement? Some kind of tagline that you want people to know? Lots of people sell what you sell, what can you do to let others know that yours is different? I have experimented with several taglines from "More than just TP" or "support the handmade revolution, buy local", to the current one on my business card "Handmade jewelry and supplies direct from the artist". I actually have two types of business cards depending on where I give them out.

I do my own logos and branding because I am a control freak over my business. Plus I want to be sure that I have all the tools needed to reproduce that brand and add it to other elements. Another thing I find rather important is branding each photo since it is very easy to lift them. If someone does take them for their own use, hopefully my little logo will still be there in the corner so I can be found.

Some branding costs plenty of money. There are however plenty of people on Etsy who are very reasonable with their time. Hunt around to find someone who's work you like and ask all your questions up front so you both understand the details of the transaction. Keep in mind that designing your branding/logo takes plenty more time than you may be aware. I spent about 2 weeks on all my branding before I found what I wanted. Then again, I try to stick my logo on everything.

It's important to get what you want for your business. Do you just want a banner? Maybe you want a banner, avatar, stickers for boxes, special wrapping, custom paper and envelopes, logo business cards, and a file for everything so that you can use it for other items as well. Having an editable file with all the individual pieces will allow you to edit and add your logo (and special text) to things into the future as well.

Spend plenty of time thinking about what will show your best side. Do you have a certain product that people prefer and is more "loved" than another. Do certain colors or texts represent you better than others? Maybe you are unsure, that is fine too, test it out on your market. Show people samples and ask around. I always like to see a selection of 5 or so options and then choose my favorite. Make sure your logo and text shows well both big and small. The avatars on Etsy for example are tiny. Do you need to have things altered to suit each size that it will be presented in? While you are at it, do you want an ad made?

Keep in mind this is a long term investment and will not likely have instant results in the way of sales. Everything takes time to get results, this just gives you an extra notch in your ability to be recognised. That is worth plenty in the long run.

One of the funnest and silliest things that happened to brand itself for me was the TP. It's funny, it's universal, and makes people look twice. I personally love it when I get the "Hey, you are the TP lady!" Being known for something, even if it is TP, is a great thing. Note the little L in the lower right on the photo.
I tried to work with it too. If something starts to lead you, use it! People respond well to humor and fun. It makes me feel confortable around a seller if I know they are a little funny. A sense of humor is important in this business too.

I hope this gives you a little more information and helps you succeed in your online business!
Licia is the founding member of the Awesome Chicks blog. Its her attempt to bring you information on what she has learned over the years. She has worked in retail for 15 years , selling anything from toilets and concrete, to home equity loans, and has been a member of Etsy since December 2007.

Featured Chick: Happy Cloud Moments

Joyce from Germantown, MD joined the Awesome Chicks in January of this year and has been a energetic member ever since. Her Etsy store is called happycloudmoments which she began mid December 2008. It's obvious by her fantastic photos that she is a quick learner. Following is her interview:

Do you have a day job, if so what do you do? I am a software engineer and I specialize in web application development and user interface. It is really not as boring as it sounds :)

How did you discover Etsy? I was looking at new web application technology and stumbled upon Etsy.

How did you begin creating? It was preschool and we were going finger painting. It was just so much fun that I never stopped creating. Though for a while, the only creating I did was "software design".

Why do you enjoy creating? Why do I like yellow? I just do :) It makes me feel good.

What do you sell? Dazzling Swarovski and sterling silver jewelry. I plan mix it up with some cubic zirconia and czech glass soon.

Where is your studio space? Right now, it's the dining room table whenever we are not eating there.

How long does it take you to create a piece? Ranges from 10 minutes to 4 hours.

When do you do most of your creating? Weekends and late nights. My mind just works better when the stars and the moon are shining on me.

What is your most popular item in your shop? I am guessing my Nautilus earrings. Sold a pair on etsy and few pairs locally.

Any tips or advice you can give others who are new to Etsy?
Join the Awesome Chicks of Etsy! (is that sucking up? >.< ) Just get involved in the community. There's so much good information and inspiration here.

What do you do to promote your shop?
Participate in chatrooms and forums, facebook, flickr, and bribing my friends with free jewelry to spread the word.

What is your favorite part of being a member of Etsy? Etsy just has so much that I am interested in. The community is great and there are so much creativity and inspiration here. Also, Etsy is a very well designed website which appeals to my geeky side.

How do you balance your business work with creating and home life? I just sleep less now and stopped playing video games. I also prioritize everything now. What's more important? Software
deployment deadline or promoting (chatting in chat rooms) or having dinner with family. It's so hard to discipline myself, but I think I am getting better at it.

Any organization tips? I love making lists! I also love my Snap 'N' Stack containers. Have all my Swarovskis in one stack and metals in another. I also use gerber 1st foods containers to separate
my beads by color.

What inspires you? Life.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops other than your own? Too many to list here.

What are some future goals that you have pertaining to your Etsy business? I am averaging about 1 sale per week. I am hoping to get that up to 2 per week by April. and 4 by August. That's as far as I can think about right now.

Joyce is the one with the cute little doggie in the scrolling chicks photos to the right. :) Aw, how cute!

I know you have a bright idea...

So, leave a comment as to what you are interested in seeing!

We have already blogged about some great finds, how to find how they found you with Google Analytics and alerts, how to advertise with Project Wonderful for pennies (or no pennies) a day, my best stab at the easiest Google Analytics tutorial I could muster, and a note about how to "work it" with that online salesmanship. If you look closely you can find my photography tutorial as well.

I know there are other burning questions on your minds, let me know what they are and I'll see what the team can do for ya.

It's almost craft fair season, so the group is getting information together for an article. It's our first group article! Yay!

There has been a little interest in a summer challenge. Did we like the Spring Chick Challenge? Ideas for a Summer Challenge (and what to call it) are welcome in your comments to this post!

Thanks for following our progress everyone! Happy Spring!

And the winners are.....

Thank you to everyone who participated, followed and contributed. I hope this was fun for everyone involved. Winners, your prizemakers will be in contact with you shortly to exchange information about where to send your prize.

The entrants were listed in a randomizer (, then the prizes were listed in the randomizer, and the chips fell as follows:

One left, then on to the prizes...

Of course I didn't almost forget one. I was just saving it for last. (I totally almost forgot one.)

Lemon Jelly Beans Chalcedony and Citrine necklace and earrings by dkjewels.

"I was a bit apprehensive about doing a challenge entry for the 1st annual Etsy chicks Spring challenge. I had many ideas but none of then were things i wanted to enter. Then gem hounding i came across this sweet set of pineapple lemony chalcedony. And EUREKA! LEMON JELLY BEANS!"

I like jelly beans, and I tend not to share the lemon ones. I know you want to eat these. Sorry, they are not for eating, but you can get them for ears and your neck if you want. It's like a mini lemon meringue pie, and I like pie...

Stay tuned for the prizes! Entrants and prizes will be assigned a number. Those numbers will be randomly selected using, matched with their pairs, and prizes distributed. It's pretty simple, but if you have questions let me know.

First day of spring, last day of the challenge...

It's the last day of the Spring Chick Challenge! Thanks to everyone who has participated and made such great springy things! There are a few more that have not had their time in the limelight, so there they are.
Chick-a-lites from Lilly Bug Boutique

These chicks are going to market! Cute little yellow chicks, a whole family of them ready for their close ups. Click on the photo to see Lilly Bugs blog and more things she is doing.

These are a far cry from those little pipe cleaner chicks I used to (attempt) make. I think mama still has them too. How about those hats! Keeps the April showers from messing with ones precisely placed feathers.

Best of luck to you chickies at the market!
Patchwork Spring Bird Collage Wall Hanging

Submitted by Katy at The Classic Farmhouse who admits to being a little "click happy sometimes" and "got sucked in" thru the links that are posted around the other blogs. Hey, click happy has its perks!

"This little bird flew in just in time for spring and would be the perfect cheerful accent for your walls."

"This 10" x 11.75" wall hanging began with a lonely vintage shelf that no longer had a home. After applying some hand painted elements, specialty papers were applied along with accents of a vintage button, raffia, old wire, vintage binding/ribbon and upholstery tacks. Even the back is finsihed with a softly patterned paper."

Want it? Yup, you can have it if noone else has beat you to it :)


Spring Chic scarf by Mousewife

It's still chilly out there! Heck, even if it's not chilly this would make a great chic statement around your neck. "This spring scarf is crocheted in a delicate butterfly stitch for a airy spring look."

"It measures 48" without the tassles, and features three 6" tassles at either end."

Mousewife became a chicks member in January, our first spinner of all things soft and fibery! Do you like plush yarnie goodness, yes you do!

Get the scarf for yourself, brighten up!


Last call for entries peeps! Please send them to the e-mail address in the banner if you want to enter. Everything before midnight Etsy time (EST) totally counts.

More Spring Chick Challenge entries!

The snow has melted here, and the birds are singing and it's time to get your spring on! Another two entries are now in the challenge!

I Heart Skulls Soap - Nag Champa Cocoa Butter and Glycerin by NemesisProductions

Meet Lori, the spooky grrrl what makes soap. She has a spooky entry for those of you what love skulls and hearts. It's like spooky whimsy, or something like that.

She found us chicks "the usual way" "by being nosy and poking through other people's blogs."

"I like spooky things, and am a sucker for cute things, so I decided to combine the two. I've been accused of being spooky cute on a large number of occasions and I'm totally okay with that. I figured that few could resist the cute little skull embedded in the pretty heart."

Get one for your dirty, yet spooky, self!
Happy Spring Chick-a-Dee Plate by Magic Markings Art

"This happy spring chick sushi plate was hand drawn and hand painted with thoughts of daffadils, tiptoeing through tulips, and adorable chicks dancing in the sun."

"After joining the Etsy community in January, I spent countless hours on the computer trying to learn as much as I could about the site. I followed link upon link, often circling back to where I started. Somewhere along my link line, I came across Awesome Chicks and, due to the great information they offered, bookmarked, and follow their blog."

If you need a little platter for your sushi, or just like a festive plate, check out her shop! They would make great gifts!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!

More crafty peeps are entered to win!

What is this about? More info on that here.

Funky Flower Magnets make your fridge sing spring!
This next entry is from one of our newest chicks, xtine (Christine). She found us old fashioned stalker style thru links from other blogs. It's the cute little chick logo that got her, it just makes ya want to click!

"I was overcome with curiosity and had to investigate, at which point I was so thrilled with the group that I joined!"

Her entry are these cute little flower magnets!
"These magnets are made entirely from scrap booking supplies. I made them because I couldn't find anything fun and funky and interesting to decorate my fridge with that wasn't ridiculously expensive." Do you like them? Do you really, really like them? Get them! :)

Sakura Mist Bracelet

Joyce has been a member since January 13th and can be found in the chatrooms on Etsy regularly. She hails from DC and has an entry that is inspired by the springtime in her neck of the woods.

"This is a DC Spring inspired bracelet. In DC, there's a Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. You can take walks and bike on trails with hundreds of cherry blossom trees, filled with soft pink petals. Forget fresh leaves and sprouts, pink is the color for spring around here!"

Yup, you can buy this one too if you love it!
Spring Shop Banner and Avatar
Emily found us thru Etsy chat too. She has lots of custom banners and made one special for spring! It's inspired by "the colors and insects of spring". We all know chicks love a good bug now and then. If you dont know, it's true, chickens will chase bugs, and it's funny!

Get your springtime banner ready!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I look forward to being inundated with entries soon!
Keep them coming!

More Challenge Entries! Anyone can enter!

The entries are coming in! Get yours in while I can still blog about them a few at a time! Deadline is March 20th at midnight (EST). Each entry gets a shot at the random drawing for prizes (which I will blog about soon!) See the details here.
Spring Garden Bracelet by randomcreative
This great bracelet is brought to you by randomcreative who joined the group on January 28th, and you can see her Etsy store here.

"It's made in a right angle weave technique. It's made with size 6 and size 11 pink and green Czech seed beads, four pink glass beads, and three different sized clear and green glass leaf beads. The clasp is a clear plastic button that fits through a loop made with the same beads as the bracelet. " *
Polka Dots Ring by 360Jewels
This entry is from 360Jewels, who heard about the Awesome Chicks of Etsy in the Etsy forums. You can see her shop here, and if you want the ring, it's for sale here.

"The polka dots of Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, and Iolite make this ring a luxurious toy which will engages creative souls to the world of glamorous imagination."

"Polka Dots" Ring is a highly unusual design. It took us about 5 times of trials and errors before we can make this design practical for the settings and get the proportion right for ultimate beauty. This one is our original version design.

This ring is beautiful in every angle. If you are interested to see and learn how we handmade our rings, please go to" *
Chubbs by Whimsical Peacock Arts
The next entry was done by Whimsical Peacock Arts who has two stores on Etsy (the other one is linked in her shop announcement and you should check it out). She is one of the founding members of the Awesome Chicks and joined on January 7th.

She recently started experimenting with felting and has definetly taken things to another level with this, her first ever needle felted feltie!

"This is Chubbs. He's just a baby blue bird. He loves to sit in his nice cozy nest all day and have his mommy bring him fat juicy worms to eat.

Today, his mommy and brothers went out for flying lessons but Chubbs doesn't want to go. He wants to stay on his little branch near his nest and soak in the sunshine. Chubbs is sort of lazy."
Those are the next few entries, all are entered into the drawing to win prizes that some of us are ready to gift in the random drawing!

Anyone can enter, and you have till Spring (that's March 20th) to get your entries in!
Licia is the founding member of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. She has her own personal blog called LiciaBeads, LiciaPots, LiciaKnits that details all the fun and excitement of her daily life, which may not be that fun an exciting, but we try.

Come! Participate and be promoted!

We have entries trickling in for the Spring Chick Challenge! Along with those entries are some generous folks who are offering some prizes!

Do you still want to join? You can, there is plenty of time left to get your name in the hat. Click here for official details

Wayside Violet

She found us thru Etsy Chat and sent in this entry. She sells them too, so you can get one for yourself!

"This lovely pink coffee cup cozy is hand knit with a gorgeous cable stitch. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. A special gift for a friend or yourself! If you have any questions at all, just message me.

Machine washable, just lay flat to dry." *


I must say, it's the late night jammie chat started by kaboogie that began the whole insanity that is now this blog. She became an official chick on February 13th.

"This is made from recycled upholstery weight leather, from a sofa. The zipper is also recycled, and the applique is recycled suede. The chick design was inspired from the partridge in "the Partridge Family" show. I skipped his feet because I like weebles.

5" opening
5 1/2" wide at the top
4 1/4 wide at bottom
4 1/4" high" *

Kaboogie is also offering up a prize! Remember, everyone who enters is eligible to win a prize, so get your entry in!

Thanks to Kaboogie for her generosity!

Wait? Prizes? Yes prizes! I'm trying to encourage you, you see. I figure if you are willing to put in the time and effort for us, why not offer a little incentive. Winners will be chosen from the entrants. I will put everyones name in a hat and randomly draw as many as prizes we have submitted.

I am makinga prize... heres a sneak peak?
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I look forward to posting more entries from time to time. Be sure to include some information about the product and anything else of note.

Licia is the founder of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog and has been selling online since 2007. This blog originated as a way to assist others in selling online at Etsy and other venues. She sells her jewelry and supplies at LiciaBeads and (starting this week) LiciaBeadsVault!

Online salesmanship - Work it! Sell it!

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I understand that it just makes it that much easier to purchase something if you can see it being worn. Occasionally I get the request to photo a piece of jewelry as it is worn so the customer can get a better idea of how it will look. I like to be accommodating but at the same time, it's not an easy task to get a good photo while contorting oneself to get a proper photo, usually in the bathroom with several mirrors and that great "bathroom lighting".

So, I gave in. I got some fake ladies. This also makes use of the fancy clothes that I used to wear when I worked for "the man" at the credit union. So now my ladies are snappy dressers, and can help show my jewelry to its full potential. I got them here.

I know not everyone is a professional photographer. (click for tips) I don't think you have to be to sell your items well online. What is required however, it the ability to photograph in such a way that it intrigues the buyer and makes them want to know more. Take detailed photos that show the quality craftsmanship of your work. Reassure the buyer that they will be very satisfied with their purchase. Take a look at some popular magazines. What are they doing to make things catch your eye? Is it something that you can learn from?

Once you have a persons attention, give them some information to peak their interest even more. Some people will be looking for specific details, keep those details right at the top and easy to find. Make it easy for people who are actually looking for what you sell to get the details they are looking for. Make that information easy to read by writing things in detail but at the same time keeping the descriptions simple and precise.

After you have the basics out of the way, elaborate. Write about the creative process and thought behind the item for sale. Give the work some history from your point of view, and if you can, make a connection to the buyer. Knowing the details behind the creation of your work can greatly increase it's value for many buyers.(including myself). This can also make your items stand out from the crowd which is always a plus in such a highly competitive venue.

Now that your listing portion is done, be sure to add a few more basic details that someone needs to know before they purchase. Assume that the buyer will not bother to check your shop policies or profile. What do they need to know? Make it extremely easy for people to purchase. Include information on how you ship, where you ship, whether you offer any kind of tracking and how they should expect their purchase to arrive.

Tag your items appropriately. Include the basics such as materials used, specific colors and shapes. Also include words that evoke emotion and apply to your item. Is it classic, modern, art deco, delicate, intricate, old-fashioned? Many times buyers don't search for materials, simply because they don't have anything specific in mind.

Make sure when you are doing business that you don't accidentally infringe on any copyrights. It's always good when you are doing this, as a business especially, that you are familiar with the rules, regulations, and laws that apply to your craft and materials. Don't put yourself in a situation that could cost significant issues for your business.

This is a learning process, and it takes time, patience, persistence and a ton of effort. Keep learning and growing and if you can do all that, in time you will be successful in your work.

Best of sales to you all! Happy buying too!
Licia is the founder of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog and has been selling online since 2007. This blog originated as a way to assist others in selling online at Etsy and other venues. She sells her jewelry and supplies at LiciaBeads.

Sneak Attack - Sneakin up on you...

For those already in the know: The next sneak attack is happening today at 3:00pm EST (Etsy Time). Check it out and be a part! Todays sneak attack is sponsored by Awesome Chicks member HappyCloudMoments! Cluck cluck for her support of other Etsians!
This is something you may have heard about if you wander around the Etsy social scene. It's called a Sneack Attack and first started on September 24th of 2008 thanks to Etsy seller Michael Phipps. There are some great things about it, and it is an extremely supportive thing he has going that everyone should at least be aware of. (here is his etsy store)

The details and information about how to participate are at The Handmade Movement website. Which is also linked in the Chicken Feed section of the sidebar over there > that you have already clicked on because it's recommended by us Chicks. While you are over there, sign up for the mailing list!
But what is it?!
Lets say you are new to Etsy... have built up some stock but have no sales (or maybe only "trades" or "family sales" so far). Well there are a few nifty people who want to help you jump start your shop. Sponsors of a shop let Michael know about a 0 or low sale Etsy store that could use a boost and he sets a date and time for a Sneak Attack. Then we gather and wait for that time when the lucky seller will be snuck up on. The information on what is about to happen is sent to the shop owner and when their name is announced, everyone who is interested, buys something.

In addition to the sneaking going on, you can advertise on the site too! It's really a great and supportive website and I like it. So you should too. :) I have an ad running on the site this month. The sponsor is linked in the site too, as are all the attacked shops.

So, around 3:00, wander on over there and support a newbie! They will love ya for it!

Mousewife Knits and Yarnables Interview

Hannah, or you may know her as Mousewife joined Etsy late October of 2008. She makes her home in Ontario Canada. She first found Etsy much the same way I did by wandering around the internet in search of fiber. Etsy presented itself as a great place for her to create her own shop where she sells hand-spun yarn and crocheted children's wear.

My personal favorite is this fantastic plushy looking blanket (sorry, she's keeping the bear). It wouild make a perfect babys first snuggle blanket at a petite 24 inches square.

Following is Hannahs interview:

Do you have a day job, if so what do you do?
Nope, this is it for me.

Where is your studio space?
I work anywhere and everywhere I go. I have a big purse that I can carry small crochet projects in, and little bits of crochet or knitting follow me around the house. Mostly, though, my spinning is done in the living room by the TV.

Do you belong to any Etsy teams?
Yes! I belong to the Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team

How did you begin creating?
I just did. Like everything I do, I decided I wanted to learn, sat down, and taught myself. I learn mostly from books. I have never taken a lesson in any of my crafts. I prefer to learn and practice until everything clicks and I get it.

Why do you enjoy creating?
I love the meditative quality of spinning. It's one of the most relaxing things I have ever learned. I get an amazing sense of accomplishment out of making things. That feeling is doubled, though, when I finish a skein of yarn. When that skein is done, it is wholley my creation. I took a piece raw, dirty fleece and turned it into something beautiful and knittable.

How long does it take you to create a piece?
It depends on the piece. Anywhere from an hour to a few days.

When do you do most of your creating?
I'm most productive mid-afternoon. However, I have a very portable art and so tend to be productive whenever I have to sit for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

What is your most popular item in your shop?
I have a blue yarn that has a lot of views and a lot of favs.

Any tips or advice you can give others who are new to Etsy?
Be patient! Don't be surprised or upset if it takes a few weeks, or even a few months to get that first sale. The more people you talk to, the more you will realize that it really does take time.

What do you do to promote your shop?
I hang out in the chat rooms and join groups like the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Also, I talk to people. I always have at least 10 business cards with me when I leave the house. People are inclined to notice and comment when you do your crafting (like knitting or crochet) in a public place. I usually get asked what I am making, and I will tell them, then tell them that it is for my store. That gets their interest and as we engage in conversation, out comes a business card.
Another way of promoting is to get into venues like craft fairs, fall sales, and mom-to-mom sales. Figure out who your audience is and find them in your community.

What is your favorite part of being a member of Etsy?
The people are wonderful. The look of my store has changed a bit as other members have so thoughtfully offered objective feedback on how it feels to them.
How do you balance your business work with creating and home life?
To-do lists. Every Sunday afternoon I make a plan for the coming week. Monday I will vacuum, Tuesday I do laundry, Wednesday is my bathroom-cleaning day, Thursday I do the kitchen, Friday is my day for me. I make a list of the non-business tasks that have to get done and assign them to a day. My social life goes on this list, too.

Any organization tips?
Not really. I'm not very organized. If you start out organized, though, it's easier to stay organized in the long run.

What inspires you?
Anything can inspire me. Right now, I am working on a series of hand-dyed yarn in honour of one of my favourite TV shows. There will be 9 different colours, each named after a character from the show.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops other than your own?
A few. Feel free to check out my Favourites in my store.

What are some future goals that you have pertaining to your Etsy business?
I would like to earn enough this year to justify registering for some of the big (expensive) craft fairs in my area. The One-Of-A-Kind craft show is my ultimate goal. It may take me a few years to get there, though.
Thanks Hannah for being a member of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Hannah also has a blog at livejournal for everyone to check out, and she twitters too!

The 2009 Spring Chick Challenge!

It's the first ever Challenge for the Awesome Chicks of Etsy and anyone can join in! The theme for this challenge is Spring. We would love to see some Spring Chicks in the mix!

The entries will not be judged but drawn at random to choose a prize winner! This is about participation and fun, not about judging. Each person who enters for the drawing using the rules below will get one entry to win the handmade prizes from the group members. Prizes will be determined at random from those created. (There will be photos so you can fall in love with them, so stay tuned to that too!)
If you want to enter your item in the drawing follow these rules!

One entry per individual please. Send an e-mail to AwesomeChicksofEtsy (at) We may choose to post your entry and information on the blog, so please only send public information that you are comfortable with (e-mail addresses will be kept private). We may choose to display your entry in this blog, so take a great photo or several to best represent your entry and include something interesting about your work.

*Your name (as you would like to be referred)
*A note about how you found the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog
*A link (or attachment) to at least one photo of your challenge entry * (it's fine if it is up for sale somewhere). Let us know if you want it linked to the sale listing.
*Any details about the creation of your item.

Deadline for entries is the first day of Spring, March 20th at midnight (PST / Etsy time) Winners will be drawn and contacted at the e-mail address used to submit the entries. Shortly thereafter they will be announced on the blog.
If you have specific questions, please contact us directly using the e-mail shown above.

JuliaCatherine's Tuesday Finds-Jewelry of Another Sort (sponsored by ACE)

That's right, today's finds are brought to you by the ladies of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Today im spotlighting Jewelry of another sort. The kind that isn't the 'norm' when it comes to jewelry.

RipperArts Crochet Red Flower Necklace
Made by the chick herself Talina of ripperarts. This
incredible necklace is crocheted from 100% cotton yarn. The style is a lariat necklace. Just gorgeous, really makes a statement.

Vist ripperarts on
etsy for more crocheted items and wood creations by Talina's husband.

Ruffles Beaded Leather Flower Pin
This one is so pretty and girly made from layers of cut leather. I would wear it on my coat for sure. If you were like me, you would wear it as a hairpin come summer. Can also be made into a hair tie upon your request

Lots of other great jewelry items made from leather in viridian's shop.

Liciabeads' Woven Facets Necklace
Im not really sure how she does it, but Licia is quite good at bead weaving. She has taken a Swarovski Rivoli (a bead without a hole) and has made this delicate pendant from it. Just amazing! This pendant comes with a chain so you can show it off as soon as it arrives.

Lots of other great items in Liciabeads store.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks tuesday's finds. I hope to meet you back here sometime soon. Also be sure to check out more great "Tuesday Finds" today on my blog.


JuliaCatherine is one of the founding members of "Awesome Chicks of Etsy", she also owns and maintains her etsy shop Julia Catherine Jewelry-Unique Handmade Designer Jewelry. Just a few of her favorite things include; making jewelry, scrapbooking, bird watching, cat watching, watching cats bird watching, drinking water,collecting chicken paraphenalia, 'baking' and general 'heck raising'.

Google Analytics and Etsy, a picture book story

Recently Etsy has added Web Analytics to the site. This enables you a little more insight into where, when and how people are finding your Etsy shop.

So, I know it's confusing sometimes because there is not someone there to show you where to click. I hope this helps.

Click on Your Etsy and it will take you to your shop information and setup page.
Find the Shop Setup section and click Web Analytics

Click where it indicates and create your account

You will need to sign up for a Google account in order to use this service.

Make sure the add a profile button is selected, and type in in the URL box. Select the correct country and time if it is not already selected for you and press finish.

Then you will get this screen. Find the special tracking numbers in the text box and write them down. I did this the old fashioned way, with a real pen :) Long time no see pen. Start with the UA- and include the last number after the dash, you will need all these characters.

Put the numbers that Google gave you in the box in your etsy account and save your changes.

YAY! You are done, but wait!
You visit your site a lot... all day probably.. maybe all night too. The last thing you want it to look like is that people were always on your site, clicking and never leaving.... Okay, well you do want that, unless it is yourself!! Don't track yourself!

Wait about 24 hours before this next step... Google want's to get to know you first :)

Find the filter manager box in the lower right hand corner and click it.

Click to add a filter

Type in a name for your filter. Mine is "dont track me!" Select Exclude all traffic from an IP address from the drop down box. Know your IP address already (nerd, j/k), great! Don't have the foggiest? Go to What is my IP and it will let you know.


Put the IP address (Internet Protocol for those interested) in the box and apply it to all your Website Profiles. Then save your changes!

Wasn't that fun? Now you have to be patient, it's not instant. Give it 24 hours, come play on Etsy Chat or something. (Hey, and this blog has a chat at the very bottom too.)