Online salesmanship - Work it! Sell it!

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I understand that it just makes it that much easier to purchase something if you can see it being worn. Occasionally I get the request to photo a piece of jewelry as it is worn so the customer can get a better idea of how it will look. I like to be accommodating but at the same time, it's not an easy task to get a good photo while contorting oneself to get a proper photo, usually in the bathroom with several mirrors and that great "bathroom lighting".

So, I gave in. I got some fake ladies. This also makes use of the fancy clothes that I used to wear when I worked for "the man" at the credit union. So now my ladies are snappy dressers, and can help show my jewelry to its full potential. I got them here.

I know not everyone is a professional photographer. (click for tips) I don't think you have to be to sell your items well online. What is required however, it the ability to photograph in such a way that it intrigues the buyer and makes them want to know more. Take detailed photos that show the quality craftsmanship of your work. Reassure the buyer that they will be very satisfied with their purchase. Take a look at some popular magazines. What are they doing to make things catch your eye? Is it something that you can learn from?

Once you have a persons attention, give them some information to peak their interest even more. Some people will be looking for specific details, keep those details right at the top and easy to find. Make it easy for people who are actually looking for what you sell to get the details they are looking for. Make that information easy to read by writing things in detail but at the same time keeping the descriptions simple and precise.

After you have the basics out of the way, elaborate. Write about the creative process and thought behind the item for sale. Give the work some history from your point of view, and if you can, make a connection to the buyer. Knowing the details behind the creation of your work can greatly increase it's value for many buyers.(including myself). This can also make your items stand out from the crowd which is always a plus in such a highly competitive venue.

Now that your listing portion is done, be sure to add a few more basic details that someone needs to know before they purchase. Assume that the buyer will not bother to check your shop policies or profile. What do they need to know? Make it extremely easy for people to purchase. Include information on how you ship, where you ship, whether you offer any kind of tracking and how they should expect their purchase to arrive.

Tag your items appropriately. Include the basics such as materials used, specific colors and shapes. Also include words that evoke emotion and apply to your item. Is it classic, modern, art deco, delicate, intricate, old-fashioned? Many times buyers don't search for materials, simply because they don't have anything specific in mind.

Make sure when you are doing business that you don't accidentally infringe on any copyrights. It's always good when you are doing this, as a business especially, that you are familiar with the rules, regulations, and laws that apply to your craft and materials. Don't put yourself in a situation that could cost significant issues for your business.

This is a learning process, and it takes time, patience, persistence and a ton of effort. Keep learning and growing and if you can do all that, in time you will be successful in your work.

Best of sales to you all! Happy buying too!
Licia is the founder of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog and has been selling online since 2007. This blog originated as a way to assist others in selling online at Etsy and other venues. She sells her jewelry and supplies at LiciaBeads.

Sneak Attack - Sneakin up on you...

For those already in the know: The next sneak attack is happening today at 3:00pm EST (Etsy Time). Check it out and be a part! Todays sneak attack is sponsored by Awesome Chicks member HappyCloudMoments! Cluck cluck for her support of other Etsians!
This is something you may have heard about if you wander around the Etsy social scene. It's called a Sneack Attack and first started on September 24th of 2008 thanks to Etsy seller Michael Phipps. There are some great things about it, and it is an extremely supportive thing he has going that everyone should at least be aware of. (here is his etsy store)

The details and information about how to participate are at The Handmade Movement website. Which is also linked in the Chicken Feed section of the sidebar over there > that you have already clicked on because it's recommended by us Chicks. While you are over there, sign up for the mailing list!
But what is it?!
Lets say you are new to Etsy... have built up some stock but have no sales (or maybe only "trades" or "family sales" so far). Well there are a few nifty people who want to help you jump start your shop. Sponsors of a shop let Michael know about a 0 or low sale Etsy store that could use a boost and he sets a date and time for a Sneak Attack. Then we gather and wait for that time when the lucky seller will be snuck up on. The information on what is about to happen is sent to the shop owner and when their name is announced, everyone who is interested, buys something.

In addition to the sneaking going on, you can advertise on the site too! It's really a great and supportive website and I like it. So you should too. :) I have an ad running on the site this month. The sponsor is linked in the site too, as are all the attacked shops.

So, around 3:00, wander on over there and support a newbie! They will love ya for it!

Mousewife Knits and Yarnables Interview

Hannah, or you may know her as Mousewife joined Etsy late October of 2008. She makes her home in Ontario Canada. She first found Etsy much the same way I did by wandering around the internet in search of fiber. Etsy presented itself as a great place for her to create her own shop where she sells hand-spun yarn and crocheted children's wear.

My personal favorite is this fantastic plushy looking blanket (sorry, she's keeping the bear). It wouild make a perfect babys first snuggle blanket at a petite 24 inches square.

Following is Hannahs interview:

Do you have a day job, if so what do you do?
Nope, this is it for me.

Where is your studio space?
I work anywhere and everywhere I go. I have a big purse that I can carry small crochet projects in, and little bits of crochet or knitting follow me around the house. Mostly, though, my spinning is done in the living room by the TV.

Do you belong to any Etsy teams?
Yes! I belong to the Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team

How did you begin creating?
I just did. Like everything I do, I decided I wanted to learn, sat down, and taught myself. I learn mostly from books. I have never taken a lesson in any of my crafts. I prefer to learn and practice until everything clicks and I get it.

Why do you enjoy creating?
I love the meditative quality of spinning. It's one of the most relaxing things I have ever learned. I get an amazing sense of accomplishment out of making things. That feeling is doubled, though, when I finish a skein of yarn. When that skein is done, it is wholley my creation. I took a piece raw, dirty fleece and turned it into something beautiful and knittable.

How long does it take you to create a piece?
It depends on the piece. Anywhere from an hour to a few days.

When do you do most of your creating?
I'm most productive mid-afternoon. However, I have a very portable art and so tend to be productive whenever I have to sit for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

What is your most popular item in your shop?
I have a blue yarn that has a lot of views and a lot of favs.

Any tips or advice you can give others who are new to Etsy?
Be patient! Don't be surprised or upset if it takes a few weeks, or even a few months to get that first sale. The more people you talk to, the more you will realize that it really does take time.

What do you do to promote your shop?
I hang out in the chat rooms and join groups like the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Also, I talk to people. I always have at least 10 business cards with me when I leave the house. People are inclined to notice and comment when you do your crafting (like knitting or crochet) in a public place. I usually get asked what I am making, and I will tell them, then tell them that it is for my store. That gets their interest and as we engage in conversation, out comes a business card.
Another way of promoting is to get into venues like craft fairs, fall sales, and mom-to-mom sales. Figure out who your audience is and find them in your community.

What is your favorite part of being a member of Etsy?
The people are wonderful. The look of my store has changed a bit as other members have so thoughtfully offered objective feedback on how it feels to them.
How do you balance your business work with creating and home life?
To-do lists. Every Sunday afternoon I make a plan for the coming week. Monday I will vacuum, Tuesday I do laundry, Wednesday is my bathroom-cleaning day, Thursday I do the kitchen, Friday is my day for me. I make a list of the non-business tasks that have to get done and assign them to a day. My social life goes on this list, too.

Any organization tips?
Not really. I'm not very organized. If you start out organized, though, it's easier to stay organized in the long run.

What inspires you?
Anything can inspire me. Right now, I am working on a series of hand-dyed yarn in honour of one of my favourite TV shows. There will be 9 different colours, each named after a character from the show.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops other than your own?
A few. Feel free to check out my Favourites in my store.

What are some future goals that you have pertaining to your Etsy business?
I would like to earn enough this year to justify registering for some of the big (expensive) craft fairs in my area. The One-Of-A-Kind craft show is my ultimate goal. It may take me a few years to get there, though.
Thanks Hannah for being a member of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Hannah also has a blog at livejournal for everyone to check out, and she twitters too!

The 2009 Spring Chick Challenge!

It's the first ever Challenge for the Awesome Chicks of Etsy and anyone can join in! The theme for this challenge is Spring. We would love to see some Spring Chicks in the mix!

The entries will not be judged but drawn at random to choose a prize winner! This is about participation and fun, not about judging. Each person who enters for the drawing using the rules below will get one entry to win the handmade prizes from the group members. Prizes will be determined at random from those created. (There will be photos so you can fall in love with them, so stay tuned to that too!)
If you want to enter your item in the drawing follow these rules!

One entry per individual please. Send an e-mail to AwesomeChicksofEtsy (at) We may choose to post your entry and information on the blog, so please only send public information that you are comfortable with (e-mail addresses will be kept private). We may choose to display your entry in this blog, so take a great photo or several to best represent your entry and include something interesting about your work.

*Your name (as you would like to be referred)
*A note about how you found the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog
*A link (or attachment) to at least one photo of your challenge entry * (it's fine if it is up for sale somewhere). Let us know if you want it linked to the sale listing.
*Any details about the creation of your item.

Deadline for entries is the first day of Spring, March 20th at midnight (PST / Etsy time) Winners will be drawn and contacted at the e-mail address used to submit the entries. Shortly thereafter they will be announced on the blog.
If you have specific questions, please contact us directly using the e-mail shown above.

JuliaCatherine's Tuesday Finds-Jewelry of Another Sort (sponsored by ACE)

That's right, today's finds are brought to you by the ladies of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Today im spotlighting Jewelry of another sort. The kind that isn't the 'norm' when it comes to jewelry.

RipperArts Crochet Red Flower Necklace
Made by the chick herself Talina of ripperarts. This
incredible necklace is crocheted from 100% cotton yarn. The style is a lariat necklace. Just gorgeous, really makes a statement.

Vist ripperarts on
etsy for more crocheted items and wood creations by Talina's husband.

Ruffles Beaded Leather Flower Pin
This one is so pretty and girly made from layers of cut leather. I would wear it on my coat for sure. If you were like me, you would wear it as a hairpin come summer. Can also be made into a hair tie upon your request

Lots of other great jewelry items made from leather in viridian's shop.

Liciabeads' Woven Facets Necklace
Im not really sure how she does it, but Licia is quite good at bead weaving. She has taken a Swarovski Rivoli (a bead without a hole) and has made this delicate pendant from it. Just amazing! This pendant comes with a chain so you can show it off as soon as it arrives.

Lots of other great items in Liciabeads store.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks tuesday's finds. I hope to meet you back here sometime soon. Also be sure to check out more great "Tuesday Finds" today on my blog.


JuliaCatherine is one of the founding members of "Awesome Chicks of Etsy", she also owns and maintains her etsy shop Julia Catherine Jewelry-Unique Handmade Designer Jewelry. Just a few of her favorite things include; making jewelry, scrapbooking, bird watching, cat watching, watching cats bird watching, drinking water,collecting chicken paraphenalia, 'baking' and general 'heck raising'.

Google Analytics and Etsy, a picture book story

Recently Etsy has added Web Analytics to the site. This enables you a little more insight into where, when and how people are finding your Etsy shop.

So, I know it's confusing sometimes because there is not someone there to show you where to click. I hope this helps.

Click on Your Etsy and it will take you to your shop information and setup page.
Find the Shop Setup section and click Web Analytics

Click where it indicates and create your account

You will need to sign up for a Google account in order to use this service.

Make sure the add a profile button is selected, and type in in the URL box. Select the correct country and time if it is not already selected for you and press finish.

Then you will get this screen. Find the special tracking numbers in the text box and write them down. I did this the old fashioned way, with a real pen :) Long time no see pen. Start with the UA- and include the last number after the dash, you will need all these characters.

Put the numbers that Google gave you in the box in your etsy account and save your changes.

YAY! You are done, but wait!
You visit your site a lot... all day probably.. maybe all night too. The last thing you want it to look like is that people were always on your site, clicking and never leaving.... Okay, well you do want that, unless it is yourself!! Don't track yourself!

Wait about 24 hours before this next step... Google want's to get to know you first :)

Find the filter manager box in the lower right hand corner and click it.

Click to add a filter

Type in a name for your filter. Mine is "dont track me!" Select Exclude all traffic from an IP address from the drop down box. Know your IP address already (nerd, j/k), great! Don't have the foggiest? Go to What is my IP and it will let you know.


Put the IP address (Internet Protocol for those interested) in the box and apply it to all your Website Profiles. Then save your changes!

Wasn't that fun? Now you have to be patient, it's not instant. Give it 24 hours, come play on Etsy Chat or something. (Hey, and this blog has a chat at the very bottom too.)