And the winners are.....

Thank you to everyone who participated, followed and contributed. I hope this was fun for everyone involved. Winners, your prizemakers will be in contact with you shortly to exchange information about where to send your prize.

The entrants were listed in a randomizer (, then the prizes were listed in the randomizer, and the chips fell as follows:

One left, then on to the prizes...

Of course I didn't almost forget one. I was just saving it for last. (I totally almost forgot one.)

Lemon Jelly Beans Chalcedony and Citrine necklace and earrings by dkjewels.

"I was a bit apprehensive about doing a challenge entry for the 1st annual Etsy chicks Spring challenge. I had many ideas but none of then were things i wanted to enter. Then gem hounding i came across this sweet set of pineapple lemony chalcedony. And EUREKA! LEMON JELLY BEANS!"

I like jelly beans, and I tend not to share the lemon ones. I know you want to eat these. Sorry, they are not for eating, but you can get them for ears and your neck if you want. It's like a mini lemon meringue pie, and I like pie...

Stay tuned for the prizes! Entrants and prizes will be assigned a number. Those numbers will be randomly selected using, matched with their pairs, and prizes distributed. It's pretty simple, but if you have questions let me know.

First day of spring, last day of the challenge...

It's the last day of the Spring Chick Challenge! Thanks to everyone who has participated and made such great springy things! There are a few more that have not had their time in the limelight, so there they are.
Chick-a-lites from Lilly Bug Boutique

These chicks are going to market! Cute little yellow chicks, a whole family of them ready for their close ups. Click on the photo to see Lilly Bugs blog and more things she is doing.

These are a far cry from those little pipe cleaner chicks I used to (attempt) make. I think mama still has them too. How about those hats! Keeps the April showers from messing with ones precisely placed feathers.

Best of luck to you chickies at the market!
Patchwork Spring Bird Collage Wall Hanging

Submitted by Katy at The Classic Farmhouse who admits to being a little "click happy sometimes" and "got sucked in" thru the links that are posted around the other blogs. Hey, click happy has its perks!

"This little bird flew in just in time for spring and would be the perfect cheerful accent for your walls."

"This 10" x 11.75" wall hanging began with a lonely vintage shelf that no longer had a home. After applying some hand painted elements, specialty papers were applied along with accents of a vintage button, raffia, old wire, vintage binding/ribbon and upholstery tacks. Even the back is finsihed with a softly patterned paper."

Want it? Yup, you can have it if noone else has beat you to it :)


Spring Chic scarf by Mousewife

It's still chilly out there! Heck, even if it's not chilly this would make a great chic statement around your neck. "This spring scarf is crocheted in a delicate butterfly stitch for a airy spring look."

"It measures 48" without the tassles, and features three 6" tassles at either end."

Mousewife became a chicks member in January, our first spinner of all things soft and fibery! Do you like plush yarnie goodness, yes you do!

Get the scarf for yourself, brighten up!


Last call for entries peeps! Please send them to the e-mail address in the banner if you want to enter. Everything before midnight Etsy time (EST) totally counts.

More Spring Chick Challenge entries!

The snow has melted here, and the birds are singing and it's time to get your spring on! Another two entries are now in the challenge!

I Heart Skulls Soap - Nag Champa Cocoa Butter and Glycerin by NemesisProductions

Meet Lori, the spooky grrrl what makes soap. She has a spooky entry for those of you what love skulls and hearts. It's like spooky whimsy, or something like that.

She found us chicks "the usual way" "by being nosy and poking through other people's blogs."

"I like spooky things, and am a sucker for cute things, so I decided to combine the two. I've been accused of being spooky cute on a large number of occasions and I'm totally okay with that. I figured that few could resist the cute little skull embedded in the pretty heart."

Get one for your dirty, yet spooky, self!
Happy Spring Chick-a-Dee Plate by Magic Markings Art

"This happy spring chick sushi plate was hand drawn and hand painted with thoughts of daffadils, tiptoeing through tulips, and adorable chicks dancing in the sun."

"After joining the Etsy community in January, I spent countless hours on the computer trying to learn as much as I could about the site. I followed link upon link, often circling back to where I started. Somewhere along my link line, I came across Awesome Chicks and, due to the great information they offered, bookmarked, and follow their blog."

If you need a little platter for your sushi, or just like a festive plate, check out her shop! They would make great gifts!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!

More crafty peeps are entered to win!

What is this about? More info on that here.

Funky Flower Magnets make your fridge sing spring!
This next entry is from one of our newest chicks, xtine (Christine). She found us old fashioned stalker style thru links from other blogs. It's the cute little chick logo that got her, it just makes ya want to click!

"I was overcome with curiosity and had to investigate, at which point I was so thrilled with the group that I joined!"

Her entry are these cute little flower magnets!
"These magnets are made entirely from scrap booking supplies. I made them because I couldn't find anything fun and funky and interesting to decorate my fridge with that wasn't ridiculously expensive." Do you like them? Do you really, really like them? Get them! :)

Sakura Mist Bracelet

Joyce has been a member since January 13th and can be found in the chatrooms on Etsy regularly. She hails from DC and has an entry that is inspired by the springtime in her neck of the woods.

"This is a DC Spring inspired bracelet. In DC, there's a Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. You can take walks and bike on trails with hundreds of cherry blossom trees, filled with soft pink petals. Forget fresh leaves and sprouts, pink is the color for spring around here!"

Yup, you can buy this one too if you love it!
Spring Shop Banner and Avatar
Emily found us thru Etsy chat too. She has lots of custom banners and made one special for spring! It's inspired by "the colors and insects of spring". We all know chicks love a good bug now and then. If you dont know, it's true, chickens will chase bugs, and it's funny!

Get your springtime banner ready!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I look forward to being inundated with entries soon!
Keep them coming!

More Challenge Entries! Anyone can enter!

The entries are coming in! Get yours in while I can still blog about them a few at a time! Deadline is March 20th at midnight (EST). Each entry gets a shot at the random drawing for prizes (which I will blog about soon!) See the details here.
Spring Garden Bracelet by randomcreative
This great bracelet is brought to you by randomcreative who joined the group on January 28th, and you can see her Etsy store here.

"It's made in a right angle weave technique. It's made with size 6 and size 11 pink and green Czech seed beads, four pink glass beads, and three different sized clear and green glass leaf beads. The clasp is a clear plastic button that fits through a loop made with the same beads as the bracelet. " *
Polka Dots Ring by 360Jewels
This entry is from 360Jewels, who heard about the Awesome Chicks of Etsy in the Etsy forums. You can see her shop here, and if you want the ring, it's for sale here.

"The polka dots of Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, and Iolite make this ring a luxurious toy which will engages creative souls to the world of glamorous imagination."

"Polka Dots" Ring is a highly unusual design. It took us about 5 times of trials and errors before we can make this design practical for the settings and get the proportion right for ultimate beauty. This one is our original version design.

This ring is beautiful in every angle. If you are interested to see and learn how we handmade our rings, please go to" *
Chubbs by Whimsical Peacock Arts
The next entry was done by Whimsical Peacock Arts who has two stores on Etsy (the other one is linked in her shop announcement and you should check it out). She is one of the founding members of the Awesome Chicks and joined on January 7th.

She recently started experimenting with felting and has definetly taken things to another level with this, her first ever needle felted feltie!

"This is Chubbs. He's just a baby blue bird. He loves to sit in his nice cozy nest all day and have his mommy bring him fat juicy worms to eat.

Today, his mommy and brothers went out for flying lessons but Chubbs doesn't want to go. He wants to stay on his little branch near his nest and soak in the sunshine. Chubbs is sort of lazy."
Those are the next few entries, all are entered into the drawing to win prizes that some of us are ready to gift in the random drawing!

Anyone can enter, and you have till Spring (that's March 20th) to get your entries in!
Licia is the founding member of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. She has her own personal blog called LiciaBeads, LiciaPots, LiciaKnits that details all the fun and excitement of her daily life, which may not be that fun an exciting, but we try.

Come! Participate and be promoted!

We have entries trickling in for the Spring Chick Challenge! Along with those entries are some generous folks who are offering some prizes!

Do you still want to join? You can, there is plenty of time left to get your name in the hat. Click here for official details

Wayside Violet

She found us thru Etsy Chat and sent in this entry. She sells them too, so you can get one for yourself!

"This lovely pink coffee cup cozy is hand knit with a gorgeous cable stitch. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. A special gift for a friend or yourself! If you have any questions at all, just message me.

Machine washable, just lay flat to dry." *


I must say, it's the late night jammie chat started by kaboogie that began the whole insanity that is now this blog. She became an official chick on February 13th.

"This is made from recycled upholstery weight leather, from a sofa. The zipper is also recycled, and the applique is recycled suede. The chick design was inspired from the partridge in "the Partridge Family" show. I skipped his feet because I like weebles.

5" opening
5 1/2" wide at the top
4 1/4 wide at bottom
4 1/4" high" *

Kaboogie is also offering up a prize! Remember, everyone who enters is eligible to win a prize, so get your entry in!

Thanks to Kaboogie for her generosity!

Wait? Prizes? Yes prizes! I'm trying to encourage you, you see. I figure if you are willing to put in the time and effort for us, why not offer a little incentive. Winners will be chosen from the entrants. I will put everyones name in a hat and randomly draw as many as prizes we have submitted.

I am makinga prize... heres a sneak peak?
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I look forward to posting more entries from time to time. Be sure to include some information about the product and anything else of note.

Licia is the founder of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog and has been selling online since 2007. This blog originated as a way to assist others in selling online at Etsy and other venues. She sells her jewelry and supplies at LiciaBeads and (starting this week) LiciaBeadsVault!