I heart Etsy Hacks!

There are some fantastically helpful people in the Etsy community who are willing to donate their skills to make Etsy a little easier to navigate. Etsy Hacks (Ian) totally has an Etsy store, as well as a fantastic website where you can download "hacks" to make things easier. You have to use Firefox (not Internet Explorer) to be able to use it, but really, it's better as far as I am concerned anyway.


Lets say you would find it handy to remove a favorite seller (oh no!) and reheart them so they show up at the top of your favorite sellers/items list again, with the click of a button... Yup, they have that.

Maybe you want to see repeat buyers (totally handy, I love this one) on your sold items page.

Heres a good one... Upload all 5 (or however many) photos at one time! Heck yes!

Maybe you want to know why you have 20 earrings, but only 15 are in a section. They have a hack so you can see if you have "unsectioned" items too.

Create a new listing based on an existing listing... got similar items? Feel like the Add new item button could be better? Yup, just copy the whole darn listing and edit where needed!

Chat driving you crazy when it kicks you out of a full room as you check a shop? They have a hack for that so it opens without the kicking you out part :)

Treasury clicking gotcha down because of the slowness? Tired of watching the rainbow mandala? Just press ctrl when you click and they will all open in a new window and you can keep browsing while they open slowly in the background...

There is even a hack so that you can have new hacks show up at the top of your screen. Don't miss out on anything!

Check out all the other fantastic hacks here!
So get Firefox, and then get EtsyHacks!


Jen Singh said...

Great list, thanks for the resource!

Ripper Arts said...

I am downloading Firefox now...

Natasha Designs said...

Thanks much :)

FashionTouch said...

Very useful site! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

Wow, this will make my life a lot easier. Especially love the fact that you can download all 5 pics. Thanks for sharing!