I know you have a bright idea...

So, leave a comment as to what you are interested in seeing!

We have already blogged about some great finds, how to find how they found you with Google Analytics and alerts, how to advertise with Project Wonderful for pennies (or no pennies) a day, my best stab at the easiest Google Analytics tutorial I could muster, and a note about how to "work it" with that online salesmanship. If you look closely you can find my photography tutorial as well.

I know there are other burning questions on your minds, let me know what they are and I'll see what the team can do for ya.

It's almost craft fair season, so the group is getting information together for an article. It's our first group article! Yay!

There has been a little interest in a summer challenge. Did we like the Spring Chick Challenge? Ideas for a Summer Challenge (and what to call it) are welcome in your comments to this post!

Thanks for following our progress everyone! Happy Spring!


randomcreative said...

I enjoyed the Spring Challenge and would definitely be interested in participating in a summer one. :)

~*Neuromancer*~ said...

How about "A Mid-Summer Chick's Dream"?