Google Analytics and Etsy, a picture book story

Recently Etsy has added Web Analytics to the site. This enables you a little more insight into where, when and how people are finding your Etsy shop.

So, I know it's confusing sometimes because there is not someone there to show you where to click. I hope this helps.

Click on Your Etsy and it will take you to your shop information and setup page.
Find the Shop Setup section and click Web Analytics

Click where it indicates and create your account

You will need to sign up for a Google account in order to use this service.

Make sure the add a profile button is selected, and type in in the URL box. Select the correct country and time if it is not already selected for you and press finish.

Then you will get this screen. Find the special tracking numbers in the text box and write them down. I did this the old fashioned way, with a real pen :) Long time no see pen. Start with the UA- and include the last number after the dash, you will need all these characters.

Put the numbers that Google gave you in the box in your etsy account and save your changes.

YAY! You are done, but wait!
You visit your site a lot... all day probably.. maybe all night too. The last thing you want it to look like is that people were always on your site, clicking and never leaving.... Okay, well you do want that, unless it is yourself!! Don't track yourself!

Wait about 24 hours before this next step... Google want's to get to know you first :)

Find the filter manager box in the lower right hand corner and click it.

Click to add a filter

Type in a name for your filter. Mine is "dont track me!" Select Exclude all traffic from an IP address from the drop down box. Know your IP address already (nerd, j/k), great! Don't have the foggiest? Go to What is my IP and it will let you know.


Put the IP address (Internet Protocol for those interested) in the box and apply it to all your Website Profiles. Then save your changes!

Wasn't that fun? Now you have to be patient, it's not instant. Give it 24 hours, come play on Etsy Chat or something. (Hey, and this blog has a chat at the very bottom too.)


ThisMonkeyDoodles? said...

This is very helpful! Thanks!

glassidentities said...

totally great post.. thank you.. I was able to filter myself from the count with this.. thank you

kaboogie said...

You rock, chicka!! Now my views will go to zero when I filter me out LOL!!

Simone said...

Thanks, this is a great tutorial. Will link to it at provided I get my act together this morning.

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very helpful thanks!!!

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I had done most of this but did not know about the Filter Thank you JeanB123

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Very helpful. Thanks for providing this.