Reflected warmth of the season

Now that all the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over I start to relax and feel like myself again. The weather is still nippy and signs of spring in the US are not quite emerging. Maybe one can get a little bit of extra beauty sleep on the weekends, and maybe not. It's now that I feel like I can spend a little time reflecting and maybe have more time to create.

It's the coziest part of the season and following are some items made by the wonderful community of Etsy sellers that keep the mood easy and comfortable.

I always like no fuss jewelry, don't get me wrong, bling is great but it has it's place. My favorite things to wear are very simple and warm and go with most anything I pick out in the morning. These crochet necklaces by TalinaAnn suit such a need just perfectly.

Not only that, they are versatile too! Suggested uses also include wearing as a wrapped bracelet, headband, hair tie, and anything else you can think up that needs a sweet little handmade embellishment.

Floral earrings are some favorites of mine. There is something sweet about a little dainty earring that gives a little reminder that spring is just around the corner. Perfect for the romantic side of your personality or a sweet gift to a dear friend.

Jewelry by NaLa has a whole collection of sweet handmade jewelry to peruse in her Etsy store, from whimsical and romantic to classic sparkle.

In the spirit of Valentines day and the season of love this pomander kissing ball is ripe with silk red roses. A delightful custom expression of love for a wedding, or really depending on the flowers, any celebration.

Handmade with love and care from christiecreations. She also makes a wide collection of blooming baskets full of giftable goodies for new babies or that special someone who needs a little rest and retreat with a spa gift basket.

Does your baby boogie? Not only will your baby boogie in style, but they will be supporting handmade and repurposed at the same time! Kaboogie makes the coziest covers for the cutest little toes and sweetest soles. :) You can even get them custom for extra special little feet.

Now that's worth a boogie or two!
Spoil yourself! Ivory Magnolia has a whole smattering of lush and deliciously scented treats for your skin. The photo over there links to the Bergamot Mandarin Whipped Soap just because it is one of my all time favorite scents, but she has all kinds to choose from. Take a little time out for yourself and indulge!

My personal favorites are the roll on perfume oils. Beautiful scents that fit perfectly in your purse. Perfectly suited for a lady on the go who likes to maintain sweetness :)

Naturally delightful, these stones are collected by the artist along the shores of Lake Michigan. The Earth has so many treasures to share, many that one wouldn't even think of. The stones in this necklace are such classic colors that it would go with just about anything. Sue Davis and her husband collaborate to bring these treasures of the shoreline to you. If you are in the mood for pottery and other clayworks, be sure to stop by her husbands shop: Davis Vachon Gallery.

Romantic simplicity is a delight with these beautifully pale roses set on antiqued finishes by Jillian Mackowiak of le Beau Papillon . Her Etsy store is brimming with such beauties to make that romantic heart of yours swoon with jeweled delight.

I may have that cozy feeling but it is still undeniably chilly outside. Holistically Heather has you covered, or at least has those cold drafts from beneath the window or doorframe covered with this great draft dodger. The upholstery cover is washable (bonus!) and comes in this fantastically colorful diamond pattern. It's even adjustable in length, now that's crafty!

Thanks to everyone who is a part of the Etsy community and spending your precious time and funds encouraging the handmade revolution!


jewelry by NaLa said...

How wonderful to be included in the same group as such amazing and talented artists! Thank you so much for the feature!

lauren carney said...

oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much x

Toyin O. said...

Nice blog.

Sarita said...

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