Most Informative Posts

New to Etsy or online selling? Maybe you want to delve a little deeper into building success and have no idea how... Following are the links to the most informative and handy posts thus far.

What is Project Wonderful? Learn about online blog advertising and how it can help you build your business.

Online salesmanship, or saleswomanship: Market your product to show it off

Sneak up and buy! Learn about Sneak Attack and the wonderful people who support other online sellers in a unique way.

What is branding? Do I need a logo? Be seen, be recognized and develop your online business brand.

Etsy Hacks : Want to see who has purchased from you before easily? Maybe see their transactions next to a "convo" so you know what is going on... EtsyHacks has some outstanding features for you, but you have to run firefox. It's free, and it's good, get both!

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