Sneak Attack - Sneakin up on you...

For those already in the know: The next sneak attack is happening today at 3:00pm EST (Etsy Time). Check it out and be a part! Todays sneak attack is sponsored by Awesome Chicks member HappyCloudMoments! Cluck cluck for her support of other Etsians!
This is something you may have heard about if you wander around the Etsy social scene. It's called a Sneack Attack and first started on September 24th of 2008 thanks to Etsy seller Michael Phipps. There are some great things about it, and it is an extremely supportive thing he has going that everyone should at least be aware of. (here is his etsy store)

The details and information about how to participate are at The Handmade Movement website. Which is also linked in the Chicken Feed section of the sidebar over there > that you have already clicked on because it's recommended by us Chicks. While you are over there, sign up for the mailing list!
But what is it?!
Lets say you are new to Etsy... have built up some stock but have no sales (or maybe only "trades" or "family sales" so far). Well there are a few nifty people who want to help you jump start your shop. Sponsors of a shop let Michael know about a 0 or low sale Etsy store that could use a boost and he sets a date and time for a Sneak Attack. Then we gather and wait for that time when the lucky seller will be snuck up on. The information on what is about to happen is sent to the shop owner and when their name is announced, everyone who is interested, buys something.

In addition to the sneaking going on, you can advertise on the site too! It's really a great and supportive website and I like it. So you should too. :) I have an ad running on the site this month. The sponsor is linked in the site too, as are all the attacked shops.

So, around 3:00, wander on over there and support a newbie! They will love ya for it!


Whimsicalstars said...

You have been tagged!

Blog Artists said...

Oh...I guess I missed it..
I think I need to be snuck up on...not doing too well with my Etsy sales??

nomadicdragon said...

What a great idea.