JuliaCatherine's Tuesday Finds-Jewelry of Another Sort (sponsored by ACE)

That's right, today's finds are brought to you by the ladies of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. Today im spotlighting Jewelry of another sort. The kind that isn't the 'norm' when it comes to jewelry.

RipperArts Crochet Red Flower Necklace
Made by the chick herself Talina of ripperarts. This
incredible necklace is crocheted from 100% cotton yarn. The style is a lariat necklace. Just gorgeous, really makes a statement.

Vist ripperarts on
etsy for more crocheted items and wood creations by Talina's husband.

Ruffles Beaded Leather Flower Pin
This one is so pretty and girly made from layers of cut leather. I would wear it on my coat for sure. If you were like me, you would wear it as a hairpin come summer. Can also be made into a hair tie upon your request

Lots of other great jewelry items made from leather in viridian's shop.

Liciabeads' Woven Facets Necklace
Im not really sure how she does it, but Licia is quite good at bead weaving. She has taken a Swarovski Rivoli (a bead without a hole) and has made this delicate pendant from it. Just amazing! This pendant comes with a chain so you can show it off as soon as it arrives.

Lots of other great items in Liciabeads store.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks tuesday's finds. I hope to meet you back here sometime soon. Also be sure to check out more great "Tuesday Finds" today on my blog.


JuliaCatherine is one of the founding members of "Awesome Chicks of Etsy", she also owns and maintains her etsy shop Julia Catherine Jewelry-Unique Handmade Designer Jewelry. Just a few of her favorite things include; making jewelry, scrapbooking, bird watching, cat watching, watching cats bird watching, drinking water,collecting chicken paraphenalia, 'baking' and general 'heck raising'.


KayzKreationz said...

These are some great jewelry finds. I love the lariat necklace.

Cathy from Wire and Wool said...

Liciabeads' Woven Facets Necklace is amazing! I'm not sure either how she does that?! And the colors are mesmerizing!

Licia said...

Hey thanks all :)

I have to get crackin on the other rivoli stones that I have waiting on me.

I adore the crochet, it's just so unique and stand out fantastic!

Veridian's work is so wonderful. She had a necklace version of those flowers that I snapped up from her store and I just love it! It hangs perfectly and goes with most of my wardrobe. (If you can call it a wardrobe).

Great finds Julia Catherine!

Julia Catherine said...

Such talent!

Drea said...

I am convinced that LiciaBeads is part magical jewelry elf. The way she makes regular old seed beads in to something SO AMAZING, is.. well, amazing.

And the wire wrapping! OMG! its like something Tolkien would have written about. Its so beautiful.

I really love that red flower necklace by Ripperarts, too. SO pretty!