More Spring Chick Challenge entries!

The snow has melted here, and the birds are singing and it's time to get your spring on! Another two entries are now in the challenge!

I Heart Skulls Soap - Nag Champa Cocoa Butter and Glycerin by NemesisProductions

Meet Lori, the spooky grrrl what makes soap. She has a spooky entry for those of you what love skulls and hearts. It's like spooky whimsy, or something like that.

She found us chicks "the usual way" "by being nosy and poking through other people's blogs."

"I like spooky things, and am a sucker for cute things, so I decided to combine the two. I've been accused of being spooky cute on a large number of occasions and I'm totally okay with that. I figured that few could resist the cute little skull embedded in the pretty heart."

Get one for your dirty, yet spooky, self!
Happy Spring Chick-a-Dee Plate by Magic Markings Art

"This happy spring chick sushi plate was hand drawn and hand painted with thoughts of daffadils, tiptoeing through tulips, and adorable chicks dancing in the sun."

"After joining the Etsy community in January, I spent countless hours on the computer trying to learn as much as I could about the site. I followed link upon link, often circling back to where I started. Somewhere along my link line, I came across Awesome Chicks and, due to the great information they offered, bookmarked, and follow their blog."

If you need a little platter for your sushi, or just like a festive plate, check out her shop! They would make great gifts!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!

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