One left, then on to the prizes...

Of course I didn't almost forget one. I was just saving it for last. (I totally almost forgot one.)

Lemon Jelly Beans Chalcedony and Citrine necklace and earrings by dkjewels.

"I was a bit apprehensive about doing a challenge entry for the 1st annual Etsy chicks Spring challenge. I had many ideas but none of then were things i wanted to enter. Then gem hounding i came across this sweet set of pineapple lemony chalcedony. And EUREKA! LEMON JELLY BEANS!"

I like jelly beans, and I tend not to share the lemon ones. I know you want to eat these. Sorry, they are not for eating, but you can get them for ears and your neck if you want. It's like a mini lemon meringue pie, and I like pie...

Stay tuned for the prizes! Entrants and prizes will be assigned a number. Those numbers will be randomly selected using, matched with their pairs, and prizes distributed. It's pretty simple, but if you have questions let me know.


Jules said...

Oh wow. I love this, it's a great piece to end the challenge with! Mmmmm jelly beans. Now I'm hungry for some candy and of course, dkjewels' earrings! We have so many awesomely great cluck-tastic entries! What a super challenge! When's the next one?


alwaysadorable said...

I have a strong urge to chew those earrings. :D They are stunning and tempting all at the same time!