More Challenge Entries! Anyone can enter!

The entries are coming in! Get yours in while I can still blog about them a few at a time! Deadline is March 20th at midnight (EST). Each entry gets a shot at the random drawing for prizes (which I will blog about soon!) See the details here.
Spring Garden Bracelet by randomcreative
This great bracelet is brought to you by randomcreative who joined the group on January 28th, and you can see her Etsy store here.

"It's made in a right angle weave technique. It's made with size 6 and size 11 pink and green Czech seed beads, four pink glass beads, and three different sized clear and green glass leaf beads. The clasp is a clear plastic button that fits through a loop made with the same beads as the bracelet. " *
Polka Dots Ring by 360Jewels
This entry is from 360Jewels, who heard about the Awesome Chicks of Etsy in the Etsy forums. You can see her shop here, and if you want the ring, it's for sale here.

"The polka dots of Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, and Iolite make this ring a luxurious toy which will engages creative souls to the world of glamorous imagination."

"Polka Dots" Ring is a highly unusual design. It took us about 5 times of trials and errors before we can make this design practical for the settings and get the proportion right for ultimate beauty. This one is our original version design.

This ring is beautiful in every angle. If you are interested to see and learn how we handmade our rings, please go to" *
Chubbs by Whimsical Peacock Arts
The next entry was done by Whimsical Peacock Arts who has two stores on Etsy (the other one is linked in her shop announcement and you should check it out). She is one of the founding members of the Awesome Chicks and joined on January 7th.

She recently started experimenting with felting and has definetly taken things to another level with this, her first ever needle felted feltie!

"This is Chubbs. He's just a baby blue bird. He loves to sit in his nice cozy nest all day and have his mommy bring him fat juicy worms to eat.

Today, his mommy and brothers went out for flying lessons but Chubbs doesn't want to go. He wants to stay on his little branch near his nest and soak in the sunshine. Chubbs is sort of lazy."
Those are the next few entries, all are entered into the drawing to win prizes that some of us are ready to gift in the random drawing!

Anyone can enter, and you have till Spring (that's March 20th) to get your entries in!
Licia is the founding member of the Awesome Chicks of Etsy. She has her own personal blog called LiciaBeads, LiciaPots, LiciaKnits that details all the fun and excitement of her daily life, which may not be that fun an exciting, but we try.

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