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Funky Flower Magnets make your fridge sing spring!
This next entry is from one of our newest chicks, xtine (Christine). She found us old fashioned stalker style thru links from other blogs. It's the cute little chick logo that got her, it just makes ya want to click!

"I was overcome with curiosity and had to investigate, at which point I was so thrilled with the group that I joined!"

Her entry are these cute little flower magnets!
"These magnets are made entirely from scrap booking supplies. I made them because I couldn't find anything fun and funky and interesting to decorate my fridge with that wasn't ridiculously expensive." Do you like them? Do you really, really like them? Get them! :)

Sakura Mist Bracelet

Joyce has been a member since January 13th and can be found in the chatrooms on Etsy regularly. She hails from DC and has an entry that is inspired by the springtime in her neck of the woods.

"This is a DC Spring inspired bracelet. In DC, there's a Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. You can take walks and bike on trails with hundreds of cherry blossom trees, filled with soft pink petals. Forget fresh leaves and sprouts, pink is the color for spring around here!"

Yup, you can buy this one too if you love it!
Spring Shop Banner and Avatar
Emily found us thru Etsy chat too. She has lots of custom banners and made one special for spring! It's inspired by "the colors and insects of spring". We all know chicks love a good bug now and then. If you dont know, it's true, chickens will chase bugs, and it's funny!

Get your springtime banner ready!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I look forward to being inundated with entries soon!
Keep them coming!

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Lanyardlady said...

cute spring items. wish i had entered one of my lanyards. maybe the next challenge will find me more prepared!